Accountant Partner Programme

M&A Deal Platform empowers you to immediately offer Corporate Finance Services to your clients, opening up an entire new revenue stream, connecting with your clients and help them grow.

We offer a full range of Corporate Finance Services, including company valuation, funding, exit and acquisition that you in-turn can offer your clients.

  • We are an award-winning Corporate Finance team with 20+ years trading history.
  • We focus on small and medium sized business.
  • Our platform manages transactions as a central resource - focus on deal doing.
  • Work with our established brand and award-winning team to offer your clients Corporate Finance.

How we work with our partners

number 1

Use our online company valuation application to help your clients understand what is driving its valuations and how to increase them, while creating new revenue streams.

number 2

Use our online training and 1-1 mentoring to build your Corporate Finance and our M&A Advisory Team are there to support you on calls and with strategy. 

number 3

Use our advanced data platforms and online marketplace to support your clients with funding and mergers & acquisition.


£ 100 / month

You pass leads to us, and we do the rest.  An easy way to to start to earn money from M&A.

  • Everything you need to get started
  • Online training (1-2 hours)
  • Sales team support
  • Work anytime time
  • Our Advanced Valuation App
  • Earn £200+ per valuation report
  • Earn 10% per deal (£2K-50K)
  • First Month Free


£ 500 / month

Everything you need to start building your M&A expertise.  Do more than refer, but fully supported.

  • Everything in Premium plus.
  • We supply 2+ leads per month
  • Online M&A Training (12+ hours)
  • Regular meetings with your mentor
  • Work Part-time or Full time
  • Earn £200+ per valuation report
  • Earn 20% per deal (£4k-£100K)


£ 3K / month

Everything you need to start build your own M&A Advisory Franchise.  Includes support for multiple partners (1-3) with support for more available.

  • Everything in Partner Plus
  • We supply 10+ leads per month
  • Complete M&A Training Workshops
  • Online M&A Training (120+hours)
  • Dedicated Account Management Team
  • Sales & Marketing Support
  • Earn 50-80% per deal (£5K-£250K)

Sample Transactions

Oxford GLobal

Questions about becoming a partner?

Schedule a no obligation virtual meeting with one of our M&A advisors, where we demo our valuation application and discuss your objectives, and gain an insight into your business and your target market.