Company Valuation

Why would you want a valuation report for you company?

Common reasons given for a valuation report include; to set an asking price for a business sale, construct an offer to buy a business, get a bank loan, write a buy-sell agreement, settle a disagreement with a partner, or defend your business value in a legal dispute.

However, at M&A Deal Platform we believe it’s a single word - intelligence.

Our Company Valuation Report not only helps determine the present value of your company but also includes industry benchmarking, comparable valuation against your peers, and of course estimates of your company’s valuation. All vital intelligence that is required to enable you to create your company’s future strategy, around growth, acquisition, transformation and potentially exit planning.

We believe that this intelligence provides a key first step in helping you plan your company’s growth journey, as it not only maps your valuation against industry peers, but also begins to show what areas you should focus on improving, be that increasing revenue, reducing operating costs or funding growth via acquisition or digital transformation.

Our digital M&A platform combines with our advisory skillset, tools, know-how and technology to augment the process for transparency and effectiveness and to ensure a fast and accurate estimate of value using multiple valuation methodologies, market multiple, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Valuation Ratios, as well as our recommendations on next steps for you and your company.

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Our M&A team know how to value a business and will research your business using our advanced global company and combine it with our expert sector knowledge.

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Our M&A team will schedule a call with you to gather further background information and company data to enable our valuation model to be built that will provide you with a business valuation. 

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Our M&A team use our advanced platform to perform multiple and DCF valuations as well as creating sector and industry benchmarks .

We help your business achieve its maximum value

Company Valuation Report

Our Company Valuation report helps determine the present value of your company and includes industry benchmarking, and comparable valuation against your peers, to support your company’s future strategy, around growth, acquisition, transformation and potentially exit planning.

360 Company Report

Our 360 Company Report builds on our Company Valuation Reports to focus on areas within the business that can be improved and that directly lead to an increase in the Company Valuation.

360 Company Execution

Our 360 Company Execution Service helps you deliver the key findings from the report, to maximise your companies valuation.  

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What’s next for my business?

As a first step we recommend a confidential, no obligation virtual meeting with one of our M&A advisors, where we discuss your objectives, demo our digital M&A platform and gain an insight into your business.