Offer Clients Company Valuation Reports 

Generate new revenue streams as well as start new conversions with your clients about corporate finance services.

  • Market Multiples & DCF Valuations with graphs.
  • Financial Commentary​, Recommendations and Market Summary​.
  • Profit & Loss Analysis​ and Balance Sheet Analysis​.
  • We provide marketing support to promote to your client base. 
  • Every client should have a valuation report every year to support their growth.
  • Earn £500 (RRP) per report per client.

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£ 25 / month + VAT

Everything you need to offer your clients  Company Valuation Reports in less than 30 minutes with our application doing all the calculations for you.

  • Create Company Valuation Reports
  • Unlimited Valuations & Reports
  • Supports 10 Named Companies / Clients
  • Exports to Microsoft Word
  • Add Branding and Commentary
  • Single User License
  • Online Training & Support
  • Earn £500+ per report


£ 100 / month + VAT

Support for multiple users and enables you to offer your clients M&A Advisory services for your clients in addition to the Company Valuation Reports. 

  • Everything in Professional Plus
  • Sales & Technical Support
  • Multiple user licenses
  • Supports 50 Named Companies / Clients
  • Share Client Information in your Team
  • 1 Online team training (1 hour)
  • Online M&A training
  • Earn £500+ per report
  • Start to build your own M&A Advisory
  • Earn 10% per M&A deal (£2K-50K+)

Try Valuation App Free for 30-Days, no credit card required.

Why Accountants should offer Valuation Reports?

Support Business Exit

Retain the client relationship and earn fees from Corporate Finance.

A valuation reports provides clear indicators that a client wishes to engage in an M&A transaction.

A valuation is the first step to enable inorganic growth for your clients:

  • Buying a business
  • Selling a business
  • Capital raise

Support Business Growth

Management decision making.

Answers the question, is an investment is 'good'. Is it viable for the business and what are potential market concerns?

A new contract or directive may grow top line sales, but how does it translate to cash overtime and is it therefore of value for the business?

Supports decision making, update valuations as often as new information arises, and accounts are prepared.

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